Honeymoon Phase of a Product

It gives me so much joy to see an action created on Llama. Every day, I refresh the activity feeds of our active instances and see what actions have been created, approved, or disapproved. We have a Slack bot that notifies us of this too, but I like refreshing the instances.

It’s hard to express in words, but it is special to build a product and see people use it. Few months back, I wondered if people would ever understand Llama enough to use it. I’m still surprised when a user creates an action that we haven’t explained how to create. I’m like – this idea that was a figment of our imagination some months back, but now we’ve been able to communicate it in a way that results in something useful? Wow. This is the honeymoon phase and things might change, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

First user-created action on Llama

Inventing on Principle” by Bret Victor is one of my favorite talks. He said that creators need an immediate connection with what they create. When you’re making something, you need to see the effect of that change or decision immediately. There can’t be a delay. One thing that we enable with Llama is allowing users to change the state of the blockchain through a simple action on Llama. Something that’s otherwise quite complex, like upgrading a protocol, now just requires creating an action. An action is the atomic unit of Llama – you simply call a particular function on a target smart contract, and like magic, the action is onchain.